The Oil and Gas Engineering Guide


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Published Wednesday 04/11/2015

List of common engineering deliverables for an EPC, for a FEED, typical for an EPC, a FEED, Engineering development synoptics etc.


Richard (Rick) Helper   Thursday 04/02/2016
I bought your book, The Oil & Gas Engineering Guide, 2nd Ed. Very well done. I have spent over 12 years developing an EPC template based on my earlier years at Aker Kvaerner. I was successful adapting this to a steel mill project in N. America. Presently, I am adapting it to oil terminals and combined cycle power plants. Two areas that I have spent a great deal of time on: 1) I have very detailed descriptions of the various process and BOP equipment supplier information (1st info, frozen info, fabrication info, shipping info, final info). For each information deliverable, I detail by discipline the quality of information required. This is to enable the engineer to develop layout drawings and subsequently perform the discipline design. In my experience doing claims; the root cause of most EPC problems (other than poor owner scope definition) results from bad information exchange between the engineer and suppliers. 2) The second area, which I still struggle with, is the process flow for development of the control system. I am searching for a good example of a "Functional Description" document. This should be a narrative document that initially describes the controls philosophy. As the design develops, the controls philosophy becomes the controls narrative. By completion, it should be a very detailed document. I do not think architecture drawings, controls system specs, block diagrams, schematics, logic diagrams are fully sufficient. Again; good book. I will extract some useful information from it! Regards, Rick Helper

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