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Published Saturday 19/03/2016

What is the job of a PM?

I think we can put in a nutshell: to make sure of on-time deliveries by the project actors.

Of course, the schedule to which the PM shall ensure adherence shall be sound in the first place, with links between dependent activities in particular.

Not that adherence to the schedule also prevents cost overruns so there we are: the project will also be financially successful.

I shared this simple view with 2 other PMs recently.

I consider my role as the PM of a FEED, to keep reminding the disciplines what they have to deliver within the week. This is to focus them.

An EPC contract PM I talked to sub-contracted Detail Engineering + Fabrication to one entity. He stated that his role consisted merely to ensure timely deliveries of equipment. This indeed made sense with such contracting scheme, leaving the responsibility of the design and bulk management to the Sub.

Another PM mentioned that, on an EPC job, his focus were only a few: issue of equipment specifications placement of equipment POs, P&IDs, then obtaining GAs from equipment vendors and following the delivery of equipment. This reduced set of items on the radar screen allows focus.

Please share your experience.


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